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PSI is the company granted an exclusive monopoly for FAA testing by the US government. During the second week of January, 2020 the company adopted an entirely new software suite to manage the testing process. The changes that impact exam candidates center on the areas of registration and scheduling.

Candidates already registered with PSI and familiar with scheduling procedure can click here to proceed directly to the PSI Registration and Scheduling Module.


When candidates register with PSI in advance of attempting to schedule, they must have already received an FAA Tracking Number (FTN). All candidates who have tested previously will automatically have been assigned one. Those who have never tested, or are new to modern FAA testing (circa early 1990s) will need to apply for one before proceeding.

Click here for detailed instructions, then return here for scheduling details.


After choosing a Test Center, there are two scheduling alternatives: Same Day Scheduling and 24-Hour Scheduling.

Same Day Scheduling: Candidates may register following these guidelines: 1) the test center must already be open for business at the time the schedule is created (consult center hours), and 2) the test must be scheduled at least three hours ahead of time. NOTE: While all test centers may not offer Same Day Scheduling, Sunrise Test Center attempts to do so whenever possible.

24-Hour Scheduling: Candidates may schedule on any day the test center is open for testing, provided the exam is booked at least 24 hours ahead of time.

A WORD OF WARNING: Before your scheduled appointment you will receive an email from PSI that will contain a number of errors in fact and several inaccurate warnings of forfeiture of fees, all written in an unwelcoming tone.

1) You will be told to bring a government issued proof of ID with photo. This document needs to show your CURRENT personal residential address. You may NOT be told that if you have moved and changed addresses, you will need to bring one of the following that shows your name and the current address to be permitted to proceed: a signed lease/rental agreement, a mortgage statement, a utility statement (NOT cable TV), a vehicle registration form, home owners/renters insurance statement, voter registration card, property tax bill, or FAA pilot/medical certificate.
2) You may be told you need to bring an 8610 or Grad Cert. This is true for Mechanics exams only.
3) You may be told your exam is designed to be delivered without breaks. While true, this will not prevent you from taking a needed restroom break, although you should know the exam clock continues to click.
4) You will be warned that cancellations, re-scheduling, and late arrivals will result in forfeiture of fees. This is untrue of FAA exams.
5) The general tone of the email is unfriendly. Please be assured that Sunrise Test Center welcomes your business and is here to help. Call (800) 717-4200 with any questions.

Proceed to the Registration and Scheduling module.

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