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Available models and installed avionics

Cessna 172S

Cessna 172S
Garmin 530-430

Diamond DA 40
Garmin G-1000

Cirrus SR 22

Cirrus SR 22
Garmin Perspective

Piper Seminole
Garmin 530-430


Sunrise has recently upgraded our facility to bring modern flight simulation to our training programs. We now offer both an Advanced and a Basic Aircraft Training Device (AATD & BATD).

AATD: Our Redbird FMX features remarkably accurate panels, flight controls, and flight modeling for six different aircraft models: two Cessna 172 models, a Diamond DA 40, two Cirrus models, and a Piper Seminole (multi-engine). The 210° video display and 3 axis motion platform provide an unparalled training experience for new IFR students and those seeking to maintain/advance their skills and understanding.
Redbird FMX
Frasca 131

Redbird FMX

Redbird FMX

Although the Redbird is primarily used for instrument instruction, thanks to its remarkable video effects it can also serve as an effective introduction to flight training for those interested in learning to fly. Use the form below to inquire about setting up an introductory lesson.

BATD: Our Frasca 131 is a more basic trainer, ideal for initial IFR and transition training. The machine provides a very affordable platform, with a database programmed for every IFR approach procedure in Southern California.

If you are interested in checking out and training in one of our devices, let us know by submitting the brief form below. Be sure to inquire about our Winter Special: a 50% discount on a Redbird Account Package.

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