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Aerobatics by Escher  
All Attitude Awareness

Recognition and recovery techniques for severe unusual attitudes.

In twenty years of providing instruction to aerobatic students, we have come to recognize the need for flight training programs specifically designed to prepare for the possibility of severe unusual attitudes.

Not everyone is drawn to the pursuit of solo aerobatics, but all pilots benefit from learning recognition and recovery techniques that focus on safety.

The training is delivered as a series of short courses to gradiently teach recognition and recovery techniques for all possible attitudes.

Three stages of training are available. Each stage is a stand-alone course designed to build on skills learned in the previous level. As new pilots join the program, previous experience is reviewed to ensure program start at the appropriate level.

Stage 1: Recovery from Spins and Inverted Flight
Upright spins
Rolling attitudes
Looping Attitudes
Inverted Flight
Stage 2: Recovery from Vertical Attitudes and Advanced Spins
Universal Spin Recovery
Accelerated Spins
Stage 3: Advanced Unusual Attitudes
Upright Flat Spins
Inverted Flat Spins
Snap Rolls
Tumbling Maneuvers

Aircraft used in the program are chosen to take pilots through gradient steps from Basic through Unlimited aerobatic performance. All are tailwheel models stressed to a minimum of 6 G's.
Cost Estimate

Advanced Spins

A comprehensive course for pilots who want complete confidence in all possible spin situations

Essential training is given in "Universal Spin Recovery" techniques. The course standardly begins in the Decathlons and finishes in higher performance aircraft.
Prerequisites--Students should start with intermediate aerobatic skills--inverted flight, vertical flight, snap rolls. Even so, course duration varies significantly among students, making cost estimation impractical.

Eight Spin modes
Standard Spins
Accelerated Spins
Flat Spins
Standard Spins
Accelerated Spins
Flat Spins
Crossover Inside/Outside Outside/Inside
(Possible Estimate: Flight: 5 hours, Ground: 2 hours)

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