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Test Scheduling & Prerequisites:

  • Sunrise Test Center: We start testing at 10 AM, and are open 7 days a week.
  • Schedule in advance: to schedule an FAA test, call the company contracted to provide all US tests: PSI, 844-704-1487. Be sure to specify SUNRISE TEST CENTER.
  • Documentation: US citizens must provide government issued photo ID with current residential address and an instructor recommendation form, as required. Non-US citizens must provide a current passport, an additional government issued photo ID with current residential address, and an instructor recommendation form as required.

Sunrise Test Center--Computer Testing
"Knowledge tests" are an integral part of the FAA certification process. Previously called "written exams," the tests are administered using simple computer software.

One huge advantage over earlier methods is instant gratification--applicants receive grades immediately upon completion of the exams.

Be sure to consult the bullet points on the left.

Sunrise Test Center is fully equipped to deliver FAA knowledge test -to as many as four applicants at a time when necessary. The tests are scheduled on the phone with our testing partner--PSI--and are ready and waiting for applicants when they show up at Sunrise. Tests are provided through online links and do not reside on Sunrise computers.

Test applicants are required to present proof of identity and an endorsement from a CFI (certified flight instructor) attesting to their readiness to take each test. Only CFI applicants are exempted from this requirement.

There is a fee for all tests.

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