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Instrument/Commercial Prep--Part 61

Both the Instrument Rating (Part 61) and the Commercial Certificate (Parts 61 and 141) require that pilots have a minimum of 50 hours pilot-in-command "cross country" time prior to application*. To qualify, these flights must all include a landing more than fifty miles from the departure point

The Sunrise Prep course is designed for quick and efficient accomplishment of the remaining flight hours needed after the Private Certificate; the program takes advantage of the wide variety of terrain and airspace offered by the Southern California region.

*not applicable to Part 141 IFR enrollees

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Instrument Rating--Part 61 and 141

Courses: Sunrise offers instrument training under both Part 61 and Part 141.

Privileges: The Instrument Rating adds significantly to the value of a Private Certificate by removing "bad weather" limitations. Holders of the Rating are permitted to fly in virtually any weather conditions, limited only by their own judgement and the equipment installed in their aircraft.

Flight Experience: An applicant for an Instrument rating must have 40 hours of "instrument" time. 15 hours of this requirement can be accomplished in an approved Flight Training Device ("simulator," pictured left). As noted above, Part 61 students must also log 50 hours of pilot-in-command cross-country time.

Aircraft: The FAA Approved Instrument course at Sunrise is taught in Cessna 172's, DiamondStars and in Flight Training Devices ("Flight Simulators"). The aircraft are all equipped with intercoms and headsets to assist you in communications with Air Traffic Control (ATC). The Flight Training Devices are used extensively to speed training and reduce expense.

John Wayne Airport: For the student working on the instrument rating, John Wayne is an ideal training field. There are 9 airports within a 30 mile radius offering multiple IFR approaches, so the variety of training situations is exceptional. Sunrise students receive invaluable practice in a demanding ATC environment and graduate prepared to fly comfortably in any IFR airspace.

Syllabus: Our Part 141 Course of Training provides for mastery of the necessary skills for the Instrument Rating in 35 to 45 hours of airplane and simulator time, a realistic range for the student who flies intensively (two to three times a week). The course is divided into three Stages, with Stage checks by the Chief CFI's to assure that each level has been thoroughly taught.

Theory & "Knowledge Tests": Sunrise offers two choices for mastering IFR theory: a full IFR classroom ground school and an interactive digital video Instruction System. Both are designed to complement the flight instruction syllabus and greatly reduce the time spent in one-on-one instruction. For your convenience, we have a Test Center that offers FAA Computer Exam testing on the premises.
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