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Articles (Click here for Forms)
Michael Church is a Contributing Editor at Pacific Flyer ("Back to Basics"). He also served as Contributing Editor ("IFR Refresher") at Private Pilot Magazine for the last decade that magazine was published. Below you will find selected articles from both series, as well as short pieces from other sources designed to entertain and intrigue you.

John Wayne Airport. A brief primer on VFR operations at John Wayne: Arrivals, Departures, Taxi and Noise abatement.

Back To Basics
Traffic patterns: Wise, Foolish and Downright Dangerous--2002
"Pilots talk about pattern safety; very few practice anything close to it: the huge majority of single-engine GA pilots fly unsafely in the pattern."
Propellers: Myths, Fixed Ideas and Facts--1986/1987
"The fixed pitch propeller attached to the front end of the average general aviation airplane has changed little in concept since 1903..."
Downwind Landing--2000
"...the last leap transfixed onlookers: twenty feet airborne and nose-first into a dune—surely the occupants would be dead or at best severely injured..."
Weight & Balance--2007
Nine articles on what you might not have been taught about weight, balance and stability

IFR Refresher
Pitch, Power and Trim--2000
"...there really is a right and a wrong: pitch and power changes are not trivial subjects, and proper mastery can make flight significantly easier."
Approach Setup: AHARMMMS and 6 Ts--2001
Atis, Heading, Altitude, Radios, Markers, Minimums, Missed, Speed.
Do you see differences from your list? If so, it's probably not critical–while all the items are necessary, there is some room for changing the order..."
No Exit!--March, 2003
"...this pilot should never have continued to the first airport of destination, knowing what he did about fuel and the reported weather."
IFR GPS Procedures--2004
Six articles on IFR GPS use in your general aviation cockpit

General--How to Fly (and Why)
Unfamiliar Airports--June, 2002
...the student's mortification was extreme. He turned tail, then basically quit leaving home. ATC had become the enemy, and he practically abandoned his goal of a license."
How to Make (and teach) Crosswind Landings--November, 2002
"In reviewing all the skills and tasks that student pilots must master, four areas ... tower head and shoulders above the rest..."
Landing Criteria--June, 1999
"Undeniably complex, the process of learning to land is often made harder than necessary by failure to separate the wheat from the chaff..."
DiamondStar Record Flight--July, 2003
In July of 2003, two of our students/customers set out in the Sunrise DiamondStar for the east coast. Less than twenty-four later they landed at First Flight airport in N. Carolina with a new trans-continental record...

Other Authors

How We Made the First Flight--Orville Wright
A fascinating look into the final developments leading to the Wright brothers' first flight--100 years ago.


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