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Sport Pilot Certificate--Part 61

The Sport Pilot (SP) Certificate is attracting waves of interest. Through careful elimination and reduction of selected training elements, the new Certificate level reduces the cost of obtaining a pilot certificate.

Privileges:The SP certificate permits holders to act as pilot-in-command of aircraft licensed in the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. New sport pilots are restricted from flying at night and in non-visual conditions (clouds and other "bad" weather).

Some additional restrictions: SP pilots require special endorsements to operate in congested airspace. Sunrise Sport graduates standardly earn these endorsements as part of their Sport training package.

Requirements: Applicants need to meet standards in three separate areas to qualify for FAA pilot certificates: flight experience, flight skill, and theoretical understanding.

Flight Experience: An applicant for the Sport Pilot certificate must have a minimum of 20 hours flight time, to include a minimum of 10 hours dual instruction and 10 hours solo.
In every flight training course it is normal for students to require more flight time than required by the minimums. Sunrise Sport pilot students can expect to earn their licenses in 10 hours less time than needed to earn a Private Certificate.

Flight Skill: The skills required for the Sport Pilot Certificate can be grouped into three broad areas:

  • Solo flight
  • Cross-country navigation
  • Pilot-in-Command experience 

In each area, Sunrise aims to deliver training well above the minimum standards established by the FAA. As an example, all Sunrise students are carefully taken through the training necessary to master spins, an element we believe essential in enhancing competence and safety.

Theory & "Knowledge Tests": To thoroughly teach the necessary theory and to prepare students for FAA knowledge exams, Sunrise offers two alternatives: a classroom ground school taught by senior flight instructors and an interactive digital video instruction program. Both provide strong support for student pilots. For your convenience, Sunrise Test Center offers FAA Computer Exam testing on the premises.

Aircraft: Sunrise gives Sport Pilot instruction in our Evektor SportStars. The aircraft are equipped with state of the art glass cockpits and GPS systems.
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