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Commercial Certificate--Part 61 and 141
The Sunrise Commercial course is approved by the FAA under Part 141 --designed under ideal circumstances to prepare applicants for the commercial checkride in 190 hours, rather than the 250 required by Part 61 programs.

This goal, however, is virtually impossible to achieve, as it requires near perfect performance in the two pre-requisite programs: Private and Instrument. In consequence, 141 students at Sunrise should look toward completing the training course in a more realistic 220 hours, still a savings when compared to 250.

Part 61: Students not enrolled in Part 141 training who wish to add a Commercial certificate to their existing training levels need the following licenses and experiaence prior to enrollment: Private certificate, Instrument rating, 50 hours of PIC cross country flight (including several "long" cross countries) and approximately 220-230 hours total flight time.

Aircraft: the course is delivered in "complex" aircraft: Cessna 172 RGs--180 hp, retractable gear and constant speed propellers.

Ground School: The commercial ground school is taught by Michael Church, Chief CFI. These lecture materials are also available on DVD.

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