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Piper Seminole

ATC 810 Simulator

Multi Engine Training

  • Multi VFR
  • Multi IFR
  • Multi ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)

Sunrise offers complete multi-engine training from the Private Certificate through ATP. The aircraft used in the program are Piper Seminoles equipped with modern avionics--HSI's, point-to-point navigation systems, and four-place intercoms. Relatively low operating costs make these airplanes an ideal choice for training and rental.

The IFR section is required of multi engine pilots for operations in non-visual conditions. Extensive use is made during training of a multi engine Flight Training Device ("simulator") to refine technique and provide complete emergency preparedness.

In contrast to many other schools, and serving as an indication of our confidence in the thoroughness of the Sunrise programs, multi-engine aircraft rental is available to all graduates of the Multi-IFR and ATP courses.
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