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Piper Cub

Piper Cub
Startup Lessons® (for Aerobatic Demonstration Flights, go here)
Get started quickly with a StartUp Lesson:
Reserved for those actively seeking a Southern California flight school, this two-hour visit to Sunrise will provide an opportunity to learn everything you need to choose us as your school and get started. In addition to meeting with a flight training specialist, you will enjoy a forty-five minute flight in which you do almost all the flying: take-off, climb, cruise, approach and landing! .

*IMPORTANT NOTES: Sunrise Startup Lessons are designed for individuals who are actively seeking a flight school to begin flight training. The difference between the full cost of your 45 minute flight and the "Startup" Rate will be credited to your account when you enroll. Minimum age: 16.

Every effort is taken to make your first visit to the airport a true learning experience---you will take off, climb, and maneuver a training airplane from the very start. Four options are available--SportStar, Cessna 172, DA-40, and Decathlon.

The SportStar is a wonderful addition to the Sunrise lineup! Light and nimble, the plane is ideal for flight training. It's amazing fuel efficiency is great for the environment and allows us to offer flight training at rates we haven't seen in over a decade. Forty-five minute StartUp flight: $110.00

SportStar Startup

Cessna 172
Because two-place airplanes are somewhat weight- and size-limited, many students train in Cessna 172s instead. The 172s are well-suited as trainers and can accommodate larger students, thanks to their four-place design.
Forty-five minute StartUp flight: $130.00

172 Startup

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