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Wright brothers:
Initial flight training,


Flight Training
Sunrise has trained and prepared well over a thousand pilots during the past twenty-five years. We offer the following training for Certificates and Ratings:

  • Professional Pilot programs
  • Private Pilot (Part 141*)
  • Instrument (Part 141*)
  • Commercial (Part 141*)
  • Instructor: Airplane, Instrument and Multi Engine
  • Multi Engine
  • ATP
  • Aerobatics & Tailwheel aircraft operations
  • Flight review

We also offer a wide variety of specialized courses:

  • GPS navigation
  • Aviation weather
  • FAR's
  • VFR Refresher

Ground schools are offered on regularly repeating schedules:

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Flight Instructor

Use the links on the right to review Course Descriptions and Cost Estimates. For aerobatics, visit our Aerobatics page; for Ground Schools, the Ground Schools page. After browsing this material, you may also choose to use the Enrollment link (top menu) to request even more information.

*Sunrise Approved Syllabus (FAR Part 141)

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From Abroad: Voice +1 949-852-8850
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