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Flight Training Devices

Sunrise offers the most varied flight line in the western United States, with exceptional opportunities for new and experienced pilots. We offer solo rental in all models after appropriate checkout.
Choose any of the models listed below to view images and review basic performance data.

Standard Aircraft
Cessna 172 (all models)
Cessna 172RG

DiamondStar (DA 40)

Piper Seminole (PA 44)

Sport and Aerobatic Aircraft
Citabria (7ECA)
Standard Decathlon
Super Decathlon
Extra 300

Aircraft Training Devices (AATD & BATD): Sunrise makes extensive use of aircraft training devices ("simulators") in the instrument and multi-engine courses.

* Ideal for Primary Flight Training

Rental and Instruction rates

Sunrise Aviation
John Wayne Airport
19531 Campus Drive, Suite 7
Santa Ana, California 92707 USA
Voice (800) 717-4200  •  (949)-852-8850
Fax (949) 852-1401

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