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Applicants for FAA Certificates are tested in a three step process: a computer based knowledge test, an oral examination and a flight test. The first two stages test applicants' theoretical understanding, and the third concentrates on flight skills and practical application.

This balance helps to underscore the importance of theoretical materials in flight training. Applicants at every level are expected to master a large amount of specialized data intended to increase competence and safety.

This process is best supported by formal ground schools. These cost-efficient forums are aimed at providing students with all the theoretical information needed to explain and amplify principles of flight.

Student pilots at Sunrise can choose between two alternatives for formal ground school: a 48 hour classroom series taught by Lyn Carlson, Director of Training, or a comprehensive computer based program.

As with Student pilots, Instrument students at Sunrise can choose between two alternatives for formal ground school: a computer based interactive program, or a 48 hour classroom course taught by Michael Church, Chief Instructor.
DVD's of Church's lectures can be purchased.
Sunrise offers a 40 hour classroom ground school for Commercial pilot students. The program is taught by
Michael Church, Chief Instructor. DVD's of all Sunrise lectures can be purchased.

Certified Flight Instructor
The Sunrise CFI program is composed of a 60 hour recorded lecture series presented by Michael Church and Lyn Carlson, accompanied by one-on-one review and practice teaching with experienced Sunrise CFIs. In all, the program offers more than 100 hours of ground-based instruction.
DVD's of the lectures can be purchased.

We are proud of helping thousands of pilots to advance in aviation. To get started, to add a new rating, or to brush up on your skills, browse the rest of this site, then use the Inquiry Form to make contact with us and start receiving more information. 

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