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"Decathlon Row"

Sunrise celebrates the Centennial: December 3, 2003

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Aerobatic Adventures

Sunrise offers three Aerobatic Adventures designed to provide a thrilling look at the world of precision aerobatics. Under the guidance of an experienced flight instructor, you will participate in forty-five minutes of instruction: basic flight operations, loops, rolls, vertical and inverted flight.

A wonderful personal experience, Aerobatic Adventures also make great gifts; with each on-line purchase, we will email an attractive certificate suitable for printing and presentation, along with detailed scheduling instructions.

From Decathlons to the Extra 300, the possibilities expand: both aircraft types make wonderful platforms for basic aerobatic maneuvers; at the extreme you can experience everything you've seen at an airshow (except parachuting and wingwalking!)--rolling turns, tailslides, torque rolls, flat spins and tumbles.

Not sure you want an extreme experience? Each flight is tailored to your tastes and wishes. The airplanes are equipped with headsets and intercoms, and at every step your flight instructor will cooperate in making your aerobatic flight the most enjoyable experience possible: you will never feel you are being asked to exceed your comfort level.

Add a DVD (prior scheduling required): If you like, we'll film your Aerobatic in-flight experience. Click here to see a sample film from a customer flight.

Decathlon--high wing monoplane, semi-symetrical airfoil,steel tube fuselage, wood spar, fabric cover, 150 hp.

"The world's best aerobatic training airplane"

Decathlon Flight--


Extra 300--Midwing monoplane: steel tube fuselage, composite spar, kevlar and fabric cover, 300 hp. DVD of flight available for an additional $99.

"The world's best..."

click image to play movie
Extra 300 Flight--

The Sunrise Special--Not for the timid. We stay up until you quit or the Extra begins to run out of gas. Guaranteed (unless you object) 7 positive, 5 negative G's and enough extra blood in your cranial cavity to boost IQ temporarily by 10 points. In-flight DVD included. Waiver required.

"The Ultimate"

click image to play movie
Ultimate Flight--

Add a DVD (prior scheduling required): If you like, we'll film your Aerobatic in-flight experience and prepare a presentation DVD. Click here to see a sample film from a customer flight.

Price Varies

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